Can I come and watch a lesson?

Yes, you are welcome to watch a lesson if you want, or your first lesson is free so you can take part and try it out.

How does the fee structure work?

Fees are payable on a monthly basis.

Training once a week only at your designated club = £30.00

*Unlimited training =£35.00

*Unlimited training – you can train as many times as you want at any of our classes.

If I train once a week and can’t make my lesson can I train another day?

Yes you can, as this will help towards making up the attendance required for your gradings.  However, please inform your instructor of your intentions so that he/she is aware of when you will be attending.

If we have to cancel lessons due to unforeseen circumstances with the schools, we will put a notice out on our website or Twitter. If you are training once a week, and its your lesson that has been cancelled you would be more than welcome to train on another day to make up the lesson.

Do I need any equipment or clothing?

Not to begin with no.  We will allow you to take your first grading in your loose clothing but we do request that you have a dobok before your second grading.

Sparring Equipment will be required later on in your training but not until you are green belt, so you have plenty of time to save. (You are welcome to purchase sparring equipment at anytime to enable you to take part in sparring and gain the relevant experience).

Where can I get doboks and sparring equipment from?

You will need to purchase a UKITF recognized approved Dobok from myself.  Under the club regulations we do not allow any other form of Martial Art Uniform to be worn in the schools.

We strongly recommend for insurance purposes that sparring is purchased through the school.  You can purchase your own sparring equipment but they have to conform to specific standards for insurance so please come and see me for advice first before making any purchases.  Second Hand Sparring equipment and Doboks are not sold by the school as the do not conform to the Insurance Regulations.

Your sparring equipment consists of Headgear, Hand Pads, Feet Pads and Shin guards and a bag.  Gum shields are a requirement and these can be purchased from the school or any good sports shop.

Are there any additional costs?

Each year you will be required to pay membership fee, which a reminder will be sent to you via email.  This is £25.00 for coloured belts and £30.00 for Black Belts. 

How often are the gradings?

There are 4 coloured belt gradings a year. Every March, June, September and December and they are normally held at Brixworth Dojang. Please refer to the booking system for dates. 

Are there any grading requirements?

Beginners and Yellow Tags will take 6 – 12 weeks each to grade depending on whether you are training once or twice a week

Yellow – Blue Belts – 3 months – 6 months to grade (depending on training once or twice a week) and a minimum of 24 attendance stamps

Red Tags – Black Belt – 6 – 12 months to grade (depending on training once or twice a week) and a minimum of 48 attendance stamps.

Are there any additional events other than normal training?

Yes, on the first Saturday of March, June, September and December we run an all day training session for a maximum of 25 students.  All students that attend will get 6 stamps , which helps towards their grading requirements but also help the students to develop their training.  This is £25.0


If I feel I am not confident enough to grade do I have to do it?

No, I always assess people nearer the time and discuss progress with students and anyone that feels they are not ready don’t have to grade and can continue their training until the next grading.

Does the grading include any theory?

Yes. The website contains the syllabus of questions that you may be asked at each grade and all the answers can also be found in the members area of the website.  I am available to assist if you are unable to find any answers.

Does the Lil Dragon’s program work in the same way?

Similar, assessments are carried out in the class the week after their attendance card has been completed.  There are 4 belts, Yellow Stripe, Green Stripe, Blue Stripe and Red Stripe.  Depending on attendance, it will take approximately 6 months to achieve each stripe.  


Unless you renew it, you are not insured to train!

In order to train in class, enter competitions or attend club related events, you are required to hold a valid UKITF/BTC Membership. We offer this free for the first 12 months after joining and is then £25 per year for Little Dragons/KUP Grades (coloured belts) and £30 per year for DAN Grades (black belts).

Without a valid and paid up membership, you are not insured to train, nor can you access the members areas of this website.


Once your membership lapses, you will no longer be able to access student areas or the club forum. You are also not insured to train / compete. 


If you allow your membership to lapse, you will not be able to log in to your account to renew it. You must contact your instructor directly and make payment in person, so he can manually renew and re-activate your account. 


When you first register with us, your account is on hold until you check your e-mail and click a link to verify your e-mail address. If you don't receive the e-mail, please check spam folders! Once you approve your e-mail, an instructor will be notified. Once your student account is checked and verified, an e-mail will be sent to confirm you can then log-in.


Whilst we do what we can to ensure e-mail is sent efficiently, sometimes e-mail can be misplaced, filtered or caught in spam filters. Please check your spam folders and if possible whitelist our domain name, so your email client trusts email from us.