All Day Training 6th June

on Tuesday, 23 June 2015. Posted in NTKD News

All Day Training June 6th

All Day Training 6th June

All Day Training 

All Day Training on the 6th June took place and was a fun packed day with students of all ages and grades. The main purpose was to cover the grading syllabus by running through various patterns and set sparring, this showed the method, pupose and application of technique.

After a lunch break we set off with partner work using various weight medicine balls. This allows the students to gain strength by continued repetition of weighted medicine balls in various excercises. This really did push some of the students to their limits!! After the workout we all went into some partner stretching work, again by allowing the partners to stretch a relaxed muscle thus improving flexability!

This ADT really did show great perserverance from all students that attended, all the little ones were fantastic so why not book your place on the next ADT being held on September 5th. 

Mr D Bonfield.

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